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Experience with different ministries, and governmental Departments

Scientific Egypt Co. has a long experience dealing with different ministries, authorities, and governmental departments such as ministries and authorities listed below:

Ministry Of Electricity:

Production, distribution and transportation companies

Ministry Of Environment:

Authority of environmental affairs, Authority of dumping wastes, with relevant branches, laboratories, and the sector of environmental administration.

Ministry Of Petroleum:

Refinery companies and general authority of petroleum.

Republic Governorates:

Environmental offices in governorates.

Ministry Of Irrigation And Water Resources:

Environmental administrations and analysis laboratories.

Ministry Of Defense:

General municipality of ministry of defense for licensing quarries, Arish Cement, Kom Oshim plant for fertilizers, steel Suez factory, food industries complex in the Tenth of Ramadan and central laboratories of armed forces.

Ministry Of Work Forces:

All industrial security offices in governorates.

Ministry of industry:

- Chemistry department.
- Authority of specifications and quality.
- Occupational safety and health.
- Tabbin Institute for Metallurgical industries.

Ministry Of Health:

- Cairo University Hospitals.
- Environmental hygienic departments of faculty of medicine, Central laboratories of monitoring environment.