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Cairo Oil Refining Company

– Studies made on using fuel additives to different energy sources e.g. charcoal, Mazut, Solar, and gaseous materials.
– studies made on most convenient sources suitable for conserving energy usage, reducing raised emissions of carbon dioxide in air from factories as heavy consumers of energy.
– establishing continual environmental monitoring system on ovens chimneys according to environmental law 4 / 1994 with its amendment. 9/2009 , internal statute issued 28/11/2011 and law amendments dated 2015/2016.
– A meeting held between Cairo oil refining company and Egyptian General Petroleum corporation handling the explanation and requirements definition of the company where continual self-monitoring system on ovens chimneys supplied, installed, and put into operation.
– On geographical petroleum area in Mostorad
(Cairo oil refining company): it has been established a mobile monitoring laboratory to assess air quality on site, with studying existed environmental loads, gaseous impact on labors, determining protective systems, where it developed a plan for occupational health and safety.