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– Egypt Scientific company has been appointed as a consultant for Suez steel company since 2007 yet.
– Where following has been executed:
-Preparing a study on environmental impact assessment for the company extensions.
– Preparing a study on environmental loads in industrial area.
– Preparing a study on emergency plan of the factory.
– Preparing environmental study on complementary management plan.
– Submitting factory monitoring plan.
– Preparing a study on method of dumping wastes arising from manufacturing processes.
– Preparing a study on extent of wasting resources, and conservation methods.
– preparing a study on the potential environmental impacts and reduction methods.
– submitting Filters specifications, applying another cleaning method with relevant specifications of steel factories chimney, geometrical shape of the chimney and openings existed in.
– Preparing a study on avoiding passive impacts having least expensive practical and scientific solutions.
– Preparing a study on environmental obligation , regularization “setting adaptation” plans for old factory.
– Establishing environmental applicable obligation plans with timing schedule.

– A complementary environmental management plan.
– Continual environmental monitoring plan, determining emissions loads.
– Solid wastes management plan.
– Hazardous wastes management plan – if any.
– Environmental awareness and training plan.
– Environmental management plans for each department of the factory.
– Establishing environmental record.
– developing documentary system for environmental management.
– developing inspection and internal auditing system for checking performance of environmental management plans.
– developing environmental programs defining goals and methods of achievement.
– developing specific environmental policy for company.
– levering qualification standard having ISO14001 certificate.
– preparing technical study for establishing an export and import maritime platform for raw materials used in industrial process of steel industry.
– Onshore measurements, analyses, and ground probes for port area.
– A study on sea creatures, and to what extent they are influenced by platform and vessels.
– A study on wind direction, waves height and its influence on the harbor and platform.
– A study on the methods of moving raw materials from harbor to factory avoiding passive impacts from transportation process.
– A study on transportation and traffic movement in Ataka, in Suez.
– A study on port-polluted cargo, establishing a plan for avoiding adjacent platform risks, beside emergency plan.