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Cairo Electricity Production Company

We acted as a consultant for the company in the scope of energy conservation, and emissions mitigation.

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Abu Zaabal Fertilizers

Sulfuric acid plant received from the foreign supplier, determining efficiency extent of the filters for plant emissions reduction.

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Royal El-Manya Cement Company – El-Manya Governorate

Egypt Scientific is the consultant of ¬Royal El-Manya cement company up to date. Where the following studies have been made: – using charcoal as fuel.

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EL-Nahda Cement – Qena One Of Holding Chemical Companies

Egypt Scientific company is the consultant of cement Nahda company up to date, where the following environmental consultation services have been provided as follows:- – preparing a study for factory on environmental impact assessment. – preparing a complementary environmental management plan of the project within construction and operation phase. – preparing surveillance and monitoring plan […]

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Cairo Oil Refining Company

– Studies made on using fuel additives to different energy sources e.g. charcoal, Mazut, Solar, and gaseous materials. – studies made on most convenient sources suitable for conserving energy usage, reducing raised emissions of carbon dioxide in air from factories as heavy consumers of energy. – establishing continual environmental monitoring system on ovens chimneys according […]

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Lafarge Cement Company

– Egypt Scientific Company is the environmental consultant for Lafarge cement company up to date, where following studies have been made as follows: – Risk assessment plan. – Environmental self-monitoring plan with the method of dealing with environmental laws. – determining governmental communication authorities. – Dealing with ministry of environment, studying new regulations of using […]

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Vinavil Egypt For Chemicals Plant, Ataka Area – In Suez

– A study on main pollutants in factory. – preparing factory monitoring and surveillance plan. – A study on the quality of used and consumed water in industrial process.

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Authority Of Cairo Airport

It has been contracted with Egypt Scientific company as a consultant of chemistry in following fields: – Designing, establishing laboratory for chemical analysis and oil tests. – Executing chemical laundry unit for planes engines. – Accomplishing industrial drainage water treatment unit. – Accomplishing complementary environmental management plan for the company. – Executing self-monitoring record with […]

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Suez Steel Company – one of National Service Authority projects.

Suez Steel Company – one of National Service Authority projects. – Egypt Scientific company has been appointed as a consultant for Suez steel company since 2007 yet. – Where following has been executed: -Preparing a study on environmental impact assessment for the company extensions. – Preparing a study on environmental loads in industrial area. – […]

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